"Particle Universe is used in many commercial and non-commercial games and applications."


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FXpression provides realtime effects technology for 3D applications and games. We are focussing on tools and solutions to produce eye candy without any hassle, so you are able to focus on the more important things of your project.

Our goal is to produce products of high quality, despite the fact that we are aiming for a target group with a tight budget.

NEWS FXpression has made Particle Universe open source (MIT license). This means that the full C++ source, the editor, the example scripts and the textures can be used in both commercial and non-commercial applications, free of charge. Try it and download Particle Universe on the Download page.

Particle Universe (V1.6) free version

Particle Universe is a complete system to create visually stunning particle systems for Ogre powered video games and video editting. The package consist of an editor (including C++ source) for creation of particle systems using a visual editting system, and a runtime plugin (C++) for in-game usage of the created particle system scripts. Create your own amazing effects and make use of the supplied presets and samples. The Particle Universe package includes all documentation that helps you to easily create explosions, smoke, rain, snow, blood squibs, fire and more. Take a look at the Media and learn more about the Particle Universe package in the list of Features.

New V.1.6 free!
supports Ogre 1.8

Download the complete Particle Universe package (including editor and full C++ source) today.

box Particle Universe


Particle Universe Mediapack 1 for Particle Universe V1.3.1, V1.4 and V1.5/V.1.5.1/V1.6

Creating particle systems is a lot of work and requires a lot of tuning. Tired of spending too much time on your particles? Buy the Particle Universe Media Pack 1. With more than 120 particle systems you get a headstart in your development time. The package includes both scripts and textures and all this for only €9.95. Take a look at some of the particle systems in action or download the overview PDF.

Buy Particle Universe Mediapack 1 for €9.95

box Mediapack

Particle Universe Mediapack 2
- Explosions -

Explosions! The next media pack constains over 50 particle scripts with explosions, fire and smoke. The package includes both scripts and textures (in dds format) for only €9.95. See this video to check whether it fits your needs.

Buy Particle Universe Mediapack 2 for €9.95

box Mediapack

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